The unexpected: empowerment through positive change

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of facilitating my first workshop under the banner of Amplify Connection. I came away with the idea that a positive change approach can boost a team’s sense of empowerment.

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So this is my first blog (so please read on with kindness…). Which is (to be frank) as much of an attempt to give Amplify Connection some exposure, as it is me taking the opportunity to share my reflections, learnings, mistakes and successes about venturing out by myself.

I hope that sharing my learning journey, in all its ups and downs, will inspire others. Even if it is just one person. To stop waiting until you feel you’re ready, to start making a difference (which I realised I had done for the past three years). And follow your heart and beliefs.

But back to positive change and empowerment.

The workshop was attended by a small team that wanted to look back on their past year with an appreciative lens. The process I had carefully designed, achieved and enabled (in spite of my nerves) all that I had hoped for:

  • shared knowledge of what was already going well and why
  • a collective image of the future
  • a basis for the organisational and social architecture of the team
  • actions to deliver results in line with their vision

Less tangible outcomes emerged as well:

  • strengthened team relationships (which actually were already pretty strong in this team!)
  • strengthened voices (as all individual voices were heard) and
  • momentum for change and positive action

The process of uncovering their root causes of success and strengths reminded them of all the great steps they had taken so far. And it affirmed that they were heading in the right direction as a team.

On top of this, the team developed something I had not expected: a renewed sense of empowerment. The process gave them the opportunity to re-explore their circle of influence. They gained a renewed sense of agency and reconnected with their creative capacity.

A wonderful bonus for the team but also food for thought for me! Which leaves me wondering:

What is your story about empowering teams and individuals? What unexpected outcomes have emerged for you?

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