About Amplify Connection

With so many demands on our attention these days, it’s easy to forget the space between us. This amazing and curious space, where we can learn, gain insight into ourselves and others and most of all, create the world around us.

I believe human connection is key in enabling individuals, communities and organisations to thrive and driving positive, human centred change.

By enabling people to connect and engage in meaningful and appreciative ways, I want to empower others to help write our new story. One resulting in a more empathic, equal, inclusive & sustainable world.

Marjolein Rijken
Founder and owner of Amplify Connection

Marjolein Rijken reading Positive News Magazine by James Barke
Positive News magazine/ www.jamesbarke.com


I first worked with human-centred change approaches as part of a change team whhich supported a national change process at the Dutch Probation Services. In 2013 I explored how these approaches could be applied in different cultures, first in West Papua and then in Cambodia.

In West Papua I conducted an inquiry to help local education stakeholders identify the aspirations and desired results to improve the local education and the strengths and opportunities already present within the system. In Cambodia I facilitated muitiple sessions allowing members of a women only social enterprise to re-design how they worked together as a team.

My heart then led me to the UK where I took on a role within a change team at a local authority. In 2016 I decided to venture out on my own and to work in collaboration with like-minded change professionals, whilst still being part-time employed promoting sustainable travel.

I live in beautiful Mid Devon and in my free time you can mostly find me cruising the Devonshire countryside on my bike or baking sour-dough bread and fermenting foods at home.

My strengths

  • Connecting and building relationships
  • Enthusing and energising others
  • An empathic listener
  • An eye for different perspectives and meta-communication which help me navigate groups, personalities but also structures and cultures
  • Open and inquisitive nature, resulting in being a life long learner
  • A positive can do attitude with an appreciative outlook enabling me to be future and solution focused without dismissing the status quo.
  • Self-care: getting the best out of myself so I can give my best to others.