We believe human connection helps individuals, communities and organisations to thrive and is a powerful vehicle for driving positive change.

The importance of connection

Our vision

A more empathic, equal, inclusive & sustainable world in which people & planet thrive.

Our mission

To connect and empower people and communities to drive positive human-centred change.

Our approach

We create engagement solutions that provoke human connection and cultivate understanding and empathy, resulting in more resilient communities and organisations and people working and living better together.

We offer:

  • Community & employee engagement interventions that enable people to connect meaningfully around topics that matter to the community or organisation and provide an opportunity to shape a positive culture.
  • Facilitated events & workshops that provoke understanding and empathy in organisations and communities.

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Community & employee engagement

Whether we work with small teams or bigger groups, our bespoke engagement interventions enable people to connect meaningfully around topics that matter to the community or organisation. At the same time, they are an opportunity to positively shape your organisational or community’s culture.

The approaches we use aim to build connection between people and harness the diversity of groups or teams. The activities are purposefully designed to give people the opportunity to be and feel heard, increase their relatedness with each other and grow their sense of belonging.

Our interventions can be used for general engagement purposes e.g. team-building/ development or to provoke specific values in your community or organisation.

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Value driven engagement for change

Our value driven and participative engagement interventions can also be used to enable people to connect meaningfully around topics that support your aims for a wider change initiative or programme.

The interventions are designed to create opportunities for joint learning journeys and enable people to be involved in the design of the change outcomes and process.

The approaches we use, can help you create a strong foundation for the change journey ahead by:

  • helping people create positive images of the future to guide current behaviour and identify what success looks like
  • facilitating an appreciative strength review to help design and deliver future success
  • helping people create a stake in the change process and outcomes and foster long term buy-in and commitment
  • engaging people fully in the change, with head (reason), heart (emotion) and hands (practice/ enactment)
  • enabling you to re-design the social architecture of your organisation or community around the values that matter and bring your new narrative to life.

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Facilitated events & workshops

Our events and workshops aim to provoke understanding and empathy in organisations and communities.

Amplify Connection events

For centuries we have been sharing stories around campfires: stories full of insight, teaching us how to listen and enabling us to engage more deeply and meaningfully with others.

During our Amplify Connection events we do just that: we come together and sit around the 360Stories board game, share stories and connect. The 360Stories board game was developed in the Netherlands and is all about sharing personal stories. It is designed to foster insight into the lives of others and encourage more empathy and compassion.

The setting for our events can range from a cafe to a community venue or even a festival. The atmosphere can be set by providing refreshments and live music. The events can be run for specific groups (e.g. teams or residents) or as an open ticketed event.

People playing 360Stories board game
360Stories cafe in the Netherlands,

Amplify Connection workshops

In our workshops, we complement the opportunity for people to share personal stories with facilitated conversations, enabling people to jointly explore themes like trust, belonging, empathy and diversity etc. or a topic of your choice.

These conversations provide a joint learning experience on the importance of human connection and stories in growing these positive values in our places of work and community.

Our events & workshops:

  • facilitate positive meaningful contact and help develop empathetic listening skills
  • enable insight into the beliefs and assumptions of others and ourselves, increasing our perspective taking. And opening us up to the possibility of change.
  • help build relatedness with the people we work and live with. This in turn links with our individual and joint sense of belonging and well-being, the resilience of the communities we live in and the way we perform in the organisations we work in.

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Download the Amplify Connection events & workshop info sheet to find out more about the positive impact of sharing stories.


Ready to connect and spark positive change?

Reach out and email me at for e.g. :

  • employee engagement or team building with the aim of growing relatedness and trust in the team or organisation
  • community or stakeholder engagement or consultation
  • workshops aimed at creating a shared vision, a supportive environment and an appreciative plan of action for collaboration
  • sessions aimed at ‘reframing’ a social or organisational problem you want to tackle

I would also love to hear from individuals and collectives about opportunities for collaboration on using human connection and stories to create social change.